Nature Protection

Protecting and saving the natural ecosystem is the main function and task of our park. The protection of the territory of the Synevyr National Nature Park, its natural complexes, and objects is carried out by the State Protection Service, which was established as a part of the special administration of the park. There are 8 environmental research departments on the territory of the park. The total number of employees here is 126 people.

According to the legislation, the State Protection Service:

  • protects natural complexes and objects of nature reserve fund, landscape, and biological diversity;
  • protects wild animals, and their habitats;
  • ensures the scheme of use of natural resources;
  • prevents damage to forest plantations due to illegal logging;
  • prevents the occurrence, spread of forest fires, and other emergencies, as well as eliminates them in case of occurrence;
  • provides prevention and protection of natural complexes from pests and diseases, as well as monitors the sanitary condition of forests;
  • maintains boundary and security signs, information signs, quarter and site poles, forest borders, other property, and firefighting equipment in good condition;
  • ensures compliance with the regime of the territory, and objects of the nature reserve fund;
  • carries out explanatory work among the local population and visitors to the park on the rules of stay, use of natural resources, fire protection, care for nature.

Employees of the State Protection Service, in addition to the actual measures for the protection and preservation of natural complexes and objects, carry out other environmental measures, namely:

  • inspect plantations and arrange areas to improve the sanitary condition of forests;
  • install information and security signs on environmental issues;
  • arrange and maintain places of rest, recreational points, areas along rivers, streams, roads within the bypass in a proper order;
  • make feeders and salt pans for wild ungulates;
  • provide harvest hay and fodder brooms for wild animals, and lay them out for winter feeding, as well carry out other biotechnical activities;
  • build and repair bridges on rivers and streams;
  • settle and fence anthills;
  • make and install artificial nests for birds;
  • pave and repair mountain trails;
  • manufacture and install barriers at the entrance to the tract;
  • install and repair bridges across streams;
  • monitor the improvement of springs and recreational bodies of water.

But the State Protection Service duty to control compliance with the limits and use of natural resources within the territories of the nature reserve fund of national importance in the Synevyr National Nature Park is no less important.