To See Synevir From Above

Many tourists visit Synevyr Lake, and some of them have even been here many times. Convenient access allows you to get to this wonder of nature as close as possible by car. But you can see the highest mountain lake in Ukraine not only from its shores.

A picturesque lake reflects the sky and evergreen spruces - like eyelashes around the eye. This landscape on Synevyr Pass - Kamianka Mountain - Lake Synevyr route fascinates the travelers.

The length of the route is 8 hours. Therefore, it will be a bit difficult for beginners. But the landscapes will not leave anyone indifferent.

The route starts from the Synevyr Pass. The local altitude is 960 meters above sea level. You can see the mountain ranges overlapping and covering the blue sky on different sides through dozens of kilometers from the pass.

On the way to Synevyr Lake the tourists can see two peaks. The first one is Kamianka Mountain with a 1578-meter peak, most of which is covered with stones. There are villages scattered in the valley, where houses will seem very tiny from a height.

Ozirna Mountain is the second one. It has its name because it rises above the Synevyr Lake. You can see the most non-trivial angle of the lake from the slope of this mountain.