Brown Bear Rehabilitation Center

The largest rehabilitation center in Ukraine for brown bears which were injured due to ill-treatment or improper keeping, has been operating in the park since 2011. 

It was not by chance that a rehabilitation center for brown bears was built in the Synevyr National Nature Park, as this area corresponds to their natural habitat in terms of landscape and climatic conditions.

The cubicle is spread over 12 hectares in the forest. In its upper part there are 6 cages and 2 sections for keeping groups and single animals of different ages, as well as maintaining their health. 

30 bears which were taken from circuses, entertainment bases, and confiscated from smugglers, are being rehabilitated here. Veterinarians work with animals, and the vaccinations, as well as all necessary sanitary procedures are held here.

The center is open to tourists. You can learn more about the history of each animal. Every bear has its own diet. An individual diet, which provides all the necessary vitamins and micronutrients, and allows them to grow and develop, has been developed for them. By the way, although bears are the biggest predators in Ukraine, they do not have meat in their diet. They have apples, carrots, fish and bread, and a little honey for a dessert.

CC BY-SA 4.0, Вікісховище