Arpad Line

Walking Trails
  • Complexity

  • Length

    1,5 km
  • Duration

    1 hour
  • Mountain Stream


    Arpad Line is a military defense system of the German army and its allies (Hungary) during the Second World War, fortified with powerful engineering constructions, created along the state border, which stretched across the Carpathian ridge, more than 300 km long with 30 echelons of defense for 100-120 km. Construction of this system began before World War II, in 1940, and lasted until 1943. The defense system was named after Prince Arpad, who united the Hungarian tribes, and founded the Hungarian state in 889. 

    A large number of engineering constructions of Khust direction ended up in the territory of the Synevyr National Nature Park. These included numerous anti-tank pyramids, barricades, minefields, reinforced concrete and wooden-earth structures (bunkers), dugouts, warehouses, etc.

    The route starts near the bunker. Surprisingly, the spruces grow on it. There is a shed near it. And, there is also a mountain stream with clear spring water, and behind it the mountain river Tereblia gurgles. Then you should go up a specially equipped path.


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  • Dug-out Shelter


    A shelter arranged on combat positions to protect a group of soldiers from enemy artillery and other fire. The fortification structure has a strong covering of beams (wooden, reinforced concrete, etc.), covered with a layer of soil. You can see it to the left of the stream, when you cross the bridge.


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The following is prohibited on the territory of the national park

Deviation from the route.

Damage of natural objects.

Starting fires in places not designated for this purpose; smoking when passing through the forests.

Felling and damage of trees, plucking flowers, and collecting medical plants.

Hunting animals, and destruction of their habitats.

Any way of fishing.

Carry firearms.

Littering the territory; making noise.

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