Hlukhania – Kosyi Verkh Mountain

Walking Trails
  • Complexity

  • Length

    5 km
  • Duration

    2 hours
  • Hlukhania Bog


    The tourist route starts near the famous Hlukhania mountain bog. It covers an area of 17 hectares, and is located at an altitude of 620 meters above sea level, near Myrsha mountain, and the right bank of Tereblia river. Deaf bog has a spherical-convex shape, the middle of the bog is raised from 3 to 3.5 m compared to its edge side points. This shows that forest and grass vegetation has been accumulating here for thousands of years. 15 rare and endangered plant species grow in the bog.


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  • Pryslopets


    This stop is mostly to admire the scenery, and take pictures of it. You can see the villages of Synevyr and Nehrovets, as well as Kamianka and Nehrovets mountains here. A magnificent panorama is created by the Pishkonia mountain range, which stands like a watchtower, guarding the surrounding villages.


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  • Well


    There is a table, so you can sit and drink delicious spring water, and most importantly – have a little rest from climbing Kosyi Verkh mountain. Cold water will raise your mood, and cheer you up.


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  • Mineral Spring


    Mineral spring water is one of the most valuable treasures of Kosyi Verkh mountain. This source is the most delicious of all. The arrangement of the mineral spring is unique. The well is made in such a way that the spring flows from inside the oak hollow.


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The following is prohibited on the territory of the national park

Deviation from the route.

Damage of natural objects.

Starting fires in places not designated for this purpose; smoking when passing through the forests.

Felling and damage of trees, plucking flowers, and collecting medical plants.

Hunting animals, and destruction of their habitats.

Any way of fishing.

Carry firearms.

Littering the territory; making noise.

Report to the Ministry of Emergencies About Your Trip to the Mountains

Report to the Ministry of Emergencies before you go on a trip, so that rescuers can find you quickly, and in time if something happens. This requires only two steps:

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    Fill in the online form to inform the mountain search and rescue units about your planned trips to the mountains.

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    Put down the contacts of the mountain search and rescue units of the area in which you are going to travel to your mobile phone.

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