Museums of Kolochava Military History

First of all, the Arpad Line is a military defense system from the World War II, which stretched for hundreds of kilometers through Transcarpathia. The remnants of this system created the basis of the museum. Bunkers, concrete anti-tank pyramids, earthen trenches - all this is the basis of the institution, which introduces the military history of 1940-1944. The museum, which displays more than two thousand exhibits, conveys the atmosphere of the military past.

Not far from the “Old Village” Museum, in the Chertezhyk tract, there is also the Bunker Steyer Museum. There is a hiding place with the beds, a table, wooden utensils, and other things which were needed for the underground existence. Some citizens of Kolochava who were involved in the Ukrainian liberation movement hid in these bunkers from persecution. The museum is named after the most famous local rebel.

Also, there are monuments to the soldiers of the First and Second World Wars. A Memorial Museum over which a real armored personnel carrier has been installed, has also been opened in the center of the village.

You can see this location on the following routes: