“Old Village” Museum in Kolochava

Kolochava is a unique village in Transcarpathia, located in the picturesque Tereblia valley. There is beautiful mountain scenery, clean air, and mineral water here. But, in addition, the natives of Kolochava put a lot of effort into research and preservation of the history of this mountain village, thanks to which it was called the “Village of Ten Museums”.

“Old Village” open-air museum presents Transcarpathians’ architecture and life: hillmen houses, interiors, and utensils of the early twentieth century. Here, you can see what the hut of a poor man, a shoemaker or a herdsman, a parish school, a village steam room (bathhouse), a Hungarian gendarmerie station, or even a Jewish inn looked like.

It is located in the open air, on the banks of Kolochavka river, and has almost two dozen buildings and ancillary facilities.

“Kolochava Narrow Gauge Railway” exhibition, the main object of which is a steam locomotive, attracts special attention on the territory of the open-air museum.

In March, the “Old Village” Museum is immersed in purple flowers. Heifel saffron blooms every spring here. The plant is on the verge of extinction, and is listed in the Red Book of Ukraine. But here, in Kolochava, this flower is under close supervision, and carefully protected.

The first flowers usually appear here in late March, and bloom massively by the end of April. And that is why this is a great place to visit in the middle of spring.

CC BY-SA 4.0, Вікісховище

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